Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Semester 1 Update

The art room has been extra busy this year for many exciting reasons! Here is a recap of Semester 1 2018!
We added a gallery wall to our room for expert level students work & to capture memories throughout the year. Our photography unit is coming up in Semester 2 STEAM Academy. Can't wait to display some more student photos! In addition, students can earn the reward of becoming the classroom photographer in their regular scheduled art class.

Our new round floor tables accommodates our growing class size & provides students with more flexible opportunities to help them learn.

Movement Mondays began for the first time ever at SMES this year! This has been a one-of-a-kind way to engage students in physical activity while connecting their learning with each of our subjects.
For the art portion, students went on a scavenger to find all the elements & principles of art. The boardwalk had many examples of line, shape, color, texture & more!

Movement Mondays fence weavers busy reviewing lines!

We even had STEAM Academy Art help us complete a weaving mural!

STEAM Academy Artist spent all of semester 1 working on the most beautiful stage backdrop & props for our school "Suessical the Musical." A perfect collaboration with our Theater enthusiast!

Art Club! 
Art Club has taken off with many community projects. Students have been creating kindness rocks & artist trading cards.  Both projects have impacted our school & community in a big way & students are enjoying giving back with their artistic talents. Check the Art Club tab for more information about these 2 projects. Art Club also made Veterans day cards for our local heroes & Musical celebration.

Our biggest project of the school year is transforming our outdoor amphitheater! Congratulations to our amazing lead sketch artists who help design this mural.

Work in Progress

The Color Express came to visit us in December for an On-site field trip.
 Students loved this unique experience!

Over 70 Talented Artists in Art Club!!!

December Art Show
Our biggest turn-out ever for a showcase! Thanks to Artome, over 800 artworks were framed & on display for wonderful celebration of the arts at SMES. Purchasing the framing package for your child not only helps to build their confidence & preserve a keepsake, but also raises money for added supplies for our school! Thank you so much for your support!

Classroom Projects
Students started the year off inspired to paint after reading a story called "The Dot." The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is an inspiring story.  It is about having confidence to believe in yourself and encouraging and nurturing others.

Next lesson, Kindergarten learned how to create artwork using many kinds of lines. This is the foundation of all art. Students also explored using the following materials properly: oil pastels, paint, crayon, & colored pencil.

As an added bonus, Kindergarten made their first self-portraits & added them to their line art as a background.

Stay tuned for more Kindergarten projects involving color theory, printmaking, pottery & more!

1st Grade
We began the year reviewing lines. Students created these beautiful abstract line designs using ruler their awesome skills!

Next, 1st grade moved on to color theory & cityscapes. 

Our surrealist unit is coming up! 1st grade artists will make melted clocks out of clay & landscapes using their imaginations. Stay tuned!

2nd Grade
2nd grade started off the year using lines to make patterns in this awesome STEAM brain lesson.

We then moved on to symmetrical balance using dot painting technique. Students were able to compare the bilateral symmetry of their brain art to the radial symmetry of their dot paintings.

2nd grade hen reviewed color theory concepts & extended their learning of warm & cool colors to show emotion and expression.

Stay tuned for African Masks, graphic design, & clay fossils!

3rd Grade
3rd grade started the year with a bang! Building engineering masterpieces & landmarks out of maker-space materials to designing their very own landmark with clay. Here are some of their sketches.

Our next project focused on value. Students learned how to us the app Superimpose to digitally collage their own photography into a painted background.

For our next project, 3rd grade was introduced to positive & negative space. Japanese Notan's were a perfect way to get students acquainted with this concept using collage technique.

Stay tuned for Henna inspired art, Light Paintings, & more!

4th Grade
We spent the first part of our school year admiring the wonders of the Northern Lights. Students got to capture this beautiful phenomenon by testing their knowledge of movement through landscape.

We then ventured to learning about surrealism & one-point perspective.

4th grade artists moved on to inventions with Leonardo da Vinci. Students created their own time- machines out of clay. Here are some sketches.

Stay tuned for abstract aerial landscapes, symmetrical printmaking, & tessellation portraits.

5th Grade
5th grade artists began the year with abstract art. Students were challenged to express their ideas through musical interpretations. This is a repeat lesson from last year & 5th grade favorite!

Next up, 5th grade created a 2-part project using typography & handwriting skills. Students created a portrait of themselves using words to describe them & add their favorite quote with an innovative font. It was neat to see their personalities come out in their work.

5th grade artist learned about aboriginal art from Australia for our cultural lesson. We explored how old-school dot paintings have evolved into a new-school pointillism. Students were able to choose which style they liked most & create any picture using one of these techniques.

Stay tuned for stained glass, Leonardi da Vinci inspired clay lesson, & legacy projects!