Monday, October 7, 2019

Quarter 1 HighlightS

Movement Monday
Students in grades K-3rd experienced the challenge of observational drawing on the boardwalk This was a great review of Lines, Shapes. Texture. 

Congratulations to Mina & Meilana for the winning design for our official 2019-2020 Art Club T-shirt!
Congratluations are also in order for Olivia, Bailey, Isabella, & Mina for earning the chance to feature their artwork at the Sims Park 9/11 Memorial showcase. Thank you for your dedication & compassion girls!

Learning goals for quarter 1: I can use art materials properly & safely, I can create an artwork using many kinds of lines. I can explore using different kinds of texture in an artwork.

We began the year exploring the artistic process. Our Kinder cuties read the story, "The Dot," By: Peter H. Reynolds. The story is a wonderful example of growth mindset & creativity. We made a giant dot for our cafeteria stage & each student made their own individual dot to celebrate "National Dot Day." 

Dots with Quiver App
Dots with Paint

Next, we explored lines using STEAM centers.

Stay tuned! Kindergarten will soon learn how to upload their first artwork to Artsonia! 

Our giant interactive Dot mural inspired the whole school to make dots! 

1st Grade
I can identify many kinds of lines. I can use lines in my artwork.
1st grd experienced their first art room transformation. Space themed to identify the line qualities of constellations. What a great review of vertical, horizontal, & diagonal lines! Thanks for planning this Mrs. Hipps.

Stay Tuned, We are in the process of describing how art helps us understand other cultures! 

2nd Grade
I can use lines to create pattern.

Researching the artist, Kelsey Montague; students had fun using their imagination to create patterns. Kelsey Montague is famous for her giant interactive street art. Stay tuned, each 2nd grader made a feather to feature in our upcoming December showcase! 

We are currently experimenting with augmented reality & green screen!

3rd Grade
I can use lines to show movement in an artwork.
We had fun looking at old school & new school techniques used in comic books & animated movies that demonstrate use of movement.

Students made their own movement art using traditional methods & augmented reality! I love how they included their own personalities.

4th Grade
One-point perspective uses the element of art SPACE to create an illusion of depth or distance in a 2D artwork.
I can use lines to show movement. 4th grade students chose from 3 different moving optical illusions to study & draw using one-point perspective techniques. Later we will include augmented reality!

5th Grade
I can discuss the characteristics of abstract & non objective art.

We began this project inspired by the artist, Chuck Close who overcame obstacles in his life to accomplish greatness. Chuck Close pioneered grid drawing & abstract art in the 21st century. We used his methods to create our very own abstract grid portraits.  

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Stallions!
There is something extra special in the energy of this school year! So many warm smiles & positive attitudes. The are room went through a few transformations for optimize the learning experience!  The team is growing in so many ways & our hearts are full of excitement for some new faces & celebrations. Mrs. Davenport will be co-teaching with Mrs. Carroccetto at the start of the year in art as Mrs. Hipps will return to us in late October from maternity leave.  
Kindergarten was introduced to the famous "Mona Lisa pose" to show ready to learn posture. Inspired by Peter Reynold's book, "The Dot," we painted for the first time! Extremely impressed by the creativity & willingness to take risks on paper by this group. 

Students in grades 1st-5th reviewed the application of Stallion Rules in an art room setting.
We have so many theatrical kiddos! They loved "breaking the rules" for some fun-filled do's & don'ts charades. 

The stop-motion station seemed to be the most popular in our new MakerSpace.
The weather was a bummer, but we didn't let that stop us from learning to warm-up on our first Movement Monday! Check out our expert demonstrating line jumping.